Von Avi Story


Inspired by the sleek alloy lines of WW II fighter planes and designed with a futuristic theme the highly original Von Avi handbags and accessories reflect an Oscar winning pedigree.
Designed by Kaz von Heraud-Parker and fabricated by her aviation engineer husband Greg, the range is created in an airfield hangar in the alpine lakeside town of Wanaka, New Zealand, where Greg has spent the past 14 years restoring WW II Hurricanes and Spitfires.
His expertise in metal fabrication and riveted construction on airplanes resulted in an invitation from Art Director Kim Sinclair to build replica aircraft for the set on the blockbuster film ‘Avatar’ , and helped earn an Oscar for the Art Department.
Kaz had her mind set on a metal handbag for Christmas one year and asked Greg put his engineering expertise to the tasks,soon after Kaz designed a range of Handbags and the Von Avi brand was born.
The current range features three bags, the smaller ‘Barfly’ for evening or party use, the ‘Girl about Town’ for day use, and the ‘BBB’(Brilliant Business Bella) which can carry A4 sized documents.
Their creative collaboration for the Von Avi range has blended both masculine and feminine elements.
Balancing the strong industrial lines of aluminium, rivets and brass handles, the bags also feature soft New Zealand leather and decadent ‘Designers Guild’ fabric for a lush interior, which includes a makeup purse, phone pocket and an interior light which comes on when the wing fastener clasp is opened.
The couple are well known in the Wanaka for their artistic endeavours, with Kaz is a very accomplished Interior Designer, Video Producer and designing and making creations for the annual wearable arts show and Greg’s passion for moviemaking, setbuilding and special effects.
Not surprisingly, aviation is also a strong theme in their lives, with both having experienced flights in a number of vintage aircraft, including a ‘wing walking’ experience atop a specially modified biplane.
The current Von Avi range grew out of hours of creative brainstorming and experimentation, resulting in the signature range of very unique handbags released to the public in September 2009 at Air New Zealand Fashion Week and in Australia at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week.

Von Avi “metal fashion with attitude”
PO Box 299, Wanaka, New Zealand - +64 21 1294991 - kaz@vonavi.co.nz